1.How to pay big order by credit card?

If your order over $620USD please separate two orders,the second order you also can have free shipping.
But the second order pls pay after 24 hours,because of the bank only accept one payment with same credit card in 24 Hours.
It can avoid the double order.

2.When Check out the order,Why have some padding order or fail order?

1).About the Padding order,pls do not worry,because of the network problem the padding order payment did not transfer into bank to verify, so the payment did not go through.
2).If you refresh the page when you check out also will show the padding order,also don't worry you double pay the order,our system only accept one order with same credit card in 24 hours,if refresh page the sencond order payment will refuse,so have no double order.

3.Why your credit card payment will fail did not go through?

When you check out the order by visa or master credit card it show the payment fail,it have the follow Error Message

1,errorMsg:Do Not Honour
2,errorMsg:0105:Refuse to pay

The first reason might be

It means that the payment did not authorized by your credit card bank
pls call your credit card bank to authorized this payment then try pay it again.
we are from china ,so it is the internation payment out of country payment,some credit card bank will refsue these internation payment to avoid the credit risk.

The second reason might be

Please change another computer or network ,because of some IP are in black list of the credit card bank.

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